Yo, Where My Killah Tape At Gawd??!!

Killmatic, Violence Begets Violence, In Death Reborn, and Conneticut Casual are hands down thee most garbage albums I have ever purchased. And I even bought a lil flip CD once. I was so pissed at how fucking wack that last JMT album was that I literally snapped it in to tiny pieces. If you like that shit your fucking wack. I been a fan of JMT since visions of Ghandi came out. I also remember hearing about and buying the first AOTP album in its time. Been a hardcore fan of raw hip hop for a loooong tine. But this shit they been putting out is straight waaaaaaccckkkkk. Tha production is all bullshit, and I have never wanted to hear a Stoupe instrumental more in my entire life. Fuck enemy soil and their garbage producers like C-Lance bass from the backstreet boys.